Liability & Executive Risk

The world’s changing environment increases the complexity of products and services. Our clients thus require cutting-edge expertise to create cost-efficient insurance solutions within Liability, Director & Officers, Crime and Professional Indemnity. Our unique Liability Risk Analysis model is the key.

UIB’s proprietary Liability Risk Analysis methodology is a unique approach to identifying, quantifying and mitigating liability exposures. It is a fact-based approach to Liability risk management and follows a three-step approach:




General and Products Liability

Standard products are often insufficient at meeting very specific client requirements and this is where a wide knowledge of the international insurance market with many contacts among senior underwriters is essential.  Skilled and lengthy negotiations are often required in order to produce tailor-made policies, which match exactly what the client needs.

Aware of the ever-changing judicial landscape, our experts use their outmost efforts to remain up to date with new legislation, court decisions, social pressures and new insurance products.

Professional liability

Lawsuits against professional service firms are being filed with increasing frequency in the courts. The rapid increase in the value of claims and settlements means that having the right coverage is essential.

We bring the decision makers from your organisation together with the underwriters to ensure the fullest understanding of your individual circumstances and requirements.

This enables us to create the best insurance program for you.

Directors and officers are working in an extremely difficult environment. The risks of being a director are now greater than ever. Defending directors and officers carries substantial cost, and increasingly high penalties can be personally incurred.

The protection afforded by D&O liability insurance is therefore essential. As a result of these events there has been a requirement for, and the development of, increasingly sophisticated D&O Liability Insurance. The right D&O cover will provide individual directors and officers with the protection they need from personal liability and financial loss as a result of wrongful acts committed or allegedly committed in their role as corporate officers and/or directors. This is achieved by transferring risk to an insurance product.

Claims Management Service is key to our offer. Smooth and efficient claims handling is of paramount importance. Professional liability claims are personal to the indivduals involved, often complex in nature and commercially sensitive. Succesful resolution of each claim is a key element of our service.

Our experience in negotiating and concluding settlements of large and complex claims, together with our dynamic approach to problem solving, ensures that our clients’ needs are fully protected throughout the claims process.