Executive Risk

Directors and officers are working in an extremely difficult environment. The risks of being a director are now greater than ever. Defending directors and officers carries substantial cost, and increasingly high penalties can be personally incurred.

The protection afforded by D&O liability insurance is therefore essential. As a result of these events there has been a requirement for, and the development of, increasingly sophisticated D&O Liability Insurance. The right D&O cover will provide individual directors and officers with the protection they need from personal liability and financial loss as a result of wrongful acts committed or allegedly committed in their role as corporate officers and/or directors. This is achieved by transferring risk to an insurance product.

Professional and Executive Liability policies are not standardized. As such, seemingly small differences in policy language can lead to significant differences in coverage. Each policy form must be carefully reviewed and amended in order to secure a comprehensive policy which will respond appropriately in the event of a claim. Our ability to highlight coverage deficiencies (and explain the implications of those deficiencies) is the key to our offering.

UIB has a leading team with vast experience from handling complex management liability risks and insurance.