Credit & Political Risk

International trade presents special challenges which differ from those of the general business risk. Political Risk and Trade Credit Insurance offers coverages which transfer the unforeseen risks of trade or operations in modern economies as well as emerging markets and developing parts of the world.

The financial loss resulting from the non-payment of your largest custoemr, frustration of a foreign trade contract, or interference in a foreign investment or local subsidiary as a result of either direct government action or political, economic or social instability can provide significant hazards for international trade.

A professionally structured Political Risk or Trade Credit Insurance programme can support international business ventures by covering a comprehensive range of risks including:

  • Large exposure against a single or a few buyers
  • Trade Finance and Lenders Interest, Contract Frustration, and Export Credit
  •  Expropriation of overseas investments, Physical Damage of assets due to war, terrorism or similar perils
  • Kidnap and Ransom.

Today’s turbulent but global market place creates trading conditions where  Political Risk and Trade Credit Insurance is an essential financial risk transfer tool which both facilitates lending and supports corporate balance sheets. Our clients emanate from a wide variety of industries including Telecommunications, Mining, Aerospace, Financial institutions, Commodity Trading,
Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Oil & Gas to name but a few.