Construction & Engineering

Construction is a risky activity and insurance is a fundamental requirement. UIB’s Construction specialists offer a complete “risk solutions” service including CAR/EAR, programmes and performance bonds.

UIB is one of the leading brokers in the field of construction and engineering insurance.  The Division enjoys a fine reputation in the Nordic market as well as the the London market and other insurance centres around the world. UIB bring a clarity of vision to all aspects of our clients’ business, from designing the most flexible and innovative insurance programmes, to utilising our expertise, strength and market influence to access the most competitive global markets.  In this way, we are able to deliver the level of service that our clients expect and deserve.

Our team of construction specialists has a wealth of experience and a deep and comprehensive understanding of the construction industry’s needs. As a result UIB is able to provide technically sound, accurate, up to date advice and provide insurance programmes based on a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements.

UIB’s Construction & Engineering Division is totally committed to bringing a first class and cost effective service to all of our clients whether they are international (or domestic) contractors or principals. Equally, whether the project involves oil, power, petrochemicals, steel or other heavy industry or buildings and civil engineering works such as, dams and bridges.

UIB’s Construction & Engineering Division has an excellent reputation for quality and integrity and we believe this enables our clients to deal with us with absolute confidence.