Policies for UIB Nordic

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Anti-corruption and money laundering

UIB Nordic believes that sustainable success in business is only possible where there is free and fair competition. Based on these fundamental principles and our legal obligations, UIB Nordic does not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery and the overall objective is to prevent any officer, director, agent or person performing services for our company, or in its name, from giving or receiving bribes of any kind.
*UIB Nordic shall conduct its business in full legal compliance wherever it operates.
*Bribery and any other form of corrupt business practice are strictly prohibited.
*Neither UIB Nordic nor anyone acting on UIB Nordic´s  behalf may accept, authorize, promise, offer or make available any payments, gifts or other benefits that could inappropriately influence or appear to influence the objectivity in business decisions or the actions or decisions of a public official.
*UIB Nordic does not permit the making of facilitation payments to induce public officials to perform their duties.

Money laundering is defined as the process to cover up illegally obtained money. The original source of the money or asset, usually a criminal action, is hidden and exchanged to appear legitimate. The organisation of money laundering can often be complex and can involve criminal actions such as drugs, people smuggling, bribery, fraud, tax crimes, trafficking or terrorist funding. Money laundering is forbidden by law and UIB Nordic does not support or facilitate money laundering, and we don´t handle any cash whatsoever. Due to money laundering, it is important that business relationships are continuously monitored. Care must be taken to ensure that the information about the identity of the contracting party, the beneficial owner and the purpose of the business relationship is current and correct.